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In thirty years, what are the photos that will matter?
When you've aged, raised kids, fought (and made up) countless times, testing the vows you made, what are the things that will matter?

The older I get, the more I believe that it is the moments we have with the people we love that will endure. This - humanity - is what makes life beautiful.

I make images from this place: To show up. To witness. To tell the truth.

Because you are unique. Because your love is real. Your people love you. And we don't need to fake it to make it beautiful.

My name is Jeremy - and I'm really thankful you're here.

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No matter who you are, who you love, how crazy your family might be, or where in the world you're getting married, I love documenting wedding days for couples. Be yourself, let me celebrate that.

As you prepare for the big day, it is a lot of fun to explore who you are as a couple with a camera. The photos we get are fun, connective, and undeniably YOU.

Wedding video is a joy and passion of mine. Video allows me to both document what happened on your day, but to show more of how it felt also. Capturing movement, motion, and your voices.

Why does wedding photography matter?

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I cannot express how breathtaking all of our photos are! Jeremy was an absolute magician when it came to capturing our wedding. Each photo has so much feeling, it’s like I’m reliving our special day each time I go through them. Throughout his time, Jeremy was working tirelessly to get each moment just right, but it never felt like Daniel and I were being posed. Everything was so natural and the photos are proof- they have an effortless beauty that we couldn’t have gotten from any other company. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeremy to anyone. Thank you for making Daniel and I feel so special!

We loved having Jeremy document our wedding day. He was the best.

Jeremy is a fantastic photographer and a kind and empathetic presence on the wedding day. We had an incredible experience and loved working with him from start to finish.

-Hannah and Daniel

-Jamie and Lawrence

-Jacqueline and Tom
San Diego, CA

Kansas City


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